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Friday Takeaways

‘According to…’

Look at the correct examples of how to use ‘according to’. What do you notice?

‘According to the weather forecast, it’s going to rain tomorrow’.

‘According to our records, you still owe $200’.

‘According to Trump, the economy is booming’.

It means ‘as told by’ and usually refers to what someone/some source said was true.

Don’t say ‘according to me’ or ‘according to my opinion/point of view’. Say in my opinion’.

If you are looking for ways to introduce a new topic e.g. Academic Task 1, use:

– Turning now to [the second graph]

– Let us now examine [the second graph]

– As for [the second graph]

– When it comes to [the second graph]

– As regards [the second graph]

– With regard* to…

– In regard* to…

– Regarding…

*You may sometime see ‘s’ on these – stay safe and don’t put an ‘s’.

According to

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