Week 1 LIVE catch up lesson and practice 13.00 Sunday

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Conditionals bootcamp

The first draft of the workbook is here!

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Main learning points:

  1. You can say the same thing in many different ways using a variety of ‘if’ words. Sometimes, ‘if’ is the best option. So don’t try to use ‘unless’, unless you really need it! e.g.

‘You might have some problems unless you have already been to non-English speaking countries.’ (correct)

If you’ve never been to an English speaking country before, you may have some problems‘. (more natural)

2. 3rd person ‘s’

‘If milk boils over, something bad will happen’ (superstition).

‘If someone asks you how to code a website, tell them to do a course’.

3. articles

  • make a profit/loss
  • go to another country/other countries

4. ‘Even if’

Remember the quiz you did: Advice for online shopping.

It’s safe to shop online if/as long as/provided that you take care.

But never use a public computer, even if you’re at work/alone.

= Only shop online if you’re at home.

= It’s safe to shop online as long as/provided that you’re at home.

  • I’ll pass IELTS even if it takes a long time/costs a fortune.

5. Contractions

Everything sounds better with contractions.

Unless you’re writing formally, use contractions (in Speaking and Informal emails).