IELTS Reading Mindset

Before we start the IELTS Reading Course, I’d like us to think about the kind of mindset you need to develop in order to improve your reading score.

There are four main areas to work on.

  1. Developing good reading habits, becoming a reader reading regularly and reading a wide variety of reading texts.
  2. Building your understanding. This comes mainly from vocabulary, but also grammar, and sometimes your background knowledge of the typical IELTS topics.
  3. Familiarity with different question types
  4. Time management is crucial. And we will work on the strategies to help you read faster in that very limited time.

Let me ask you a question.

How often do you read the kinds of texts that you get in IELTS – news items, journal articles and research papers?

Most of us simply don’t read this kind of article anymore. And this is a problem, but something we can fix.

There’s even an IELTS Reading about this problem. The reading explains that our new way of reading is just skimming. And when we skim, we just don’t understand the complexity behind the article, we just look for quick answers to get what we need to know. And this is really affecting the way we understand more dense, more difficult texts.

There are three passages in the test, and they get more and more difficult. You’ve only got 60 minutes to complete 40 questions and transfer your answers. This is a big task.

So your action points from now on are to

  • Read every day.
  • Read in detail when you’re practising. In the test. You need to read quickly. But when you’re practising, you need to develop understanding. So read in detail.
  • Check your understanding.
  • Check the answers.
  • Check vocabulary – build up a list of common vocabulary and this will ultimately help you to read faster and choose the right answers.