Labelling a diagram

How to label a diagram: tips

  1. Diagrams are usually found in descriptive texts.
  2. The answers may not be ‘perfectly’ in order but they will be within the same paragraph or section.
  3. Labelling is a kind of “gapfill” activity so follow gapfill strategies.
  4. Guess what kind of word you need in the gap.
  5. Use synonyms from the diagram to find words in the text.
  6. Ignore technical words in the text.
  7. Check the words fit grammatically.
  8. Double-check the spelling of tricky words when you transfer your answers (e.g. ‘weight’)

Common questions about labelling a diagram (and gapfill)

1) Is it ok to write in capitals?

Yes. I recommend this if your handwriting is difficult to read.

2) What if I don’t understand the diagram?

Try to follow the text step by step. There are always words that are the same in both the diagram and the text.

For example:

TEXT: The shafts were equipped with handholds and footholds to help those climbing.

DIAGRAM Q3: handholds and footholds used for _________________.

TEXT: covered with a wooden or stone lid.

DIAGRAM Q4: ___________________ made of wood or stone.

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