If you would like to get feedback on your Speaking, I invite you to submit a 2-minute video for me to analyse.

Using an app called FLIPGRID,  you simply record a short video or audio on your phone and upload it.

Choose a topics that I have set for you, and speak for 2 minutes. You can re-record it until you’re happy.

I will give you feedback as soon as I get the notification (you’ll get an email from me via Flipgrid).

Please let me know if you don’t hear from me within 48 hours!

The main page is here, and there are individual pages for different topics.

You will need the PASSWORD: ieltsvip1

*Please don’t send me audio files by email.laughing

Audio files often don’t open, and Flipgrid is designed for Speaking feedback, to allow students and teachers a lot more possibilities e.g.
  • I can record a response related to pronunciation issues, with timestamps so that you can quickly find and hear what I’m referring to.
  • You can see a caption version so you can learn how the computer picks up your voice, which helps identify pronunciation areas.
  • It keeps everything in one place and I can refer back to your earlier videos, which helps us track progress.
  • Peer learning – you can see other people’s examples (the feedback is private) and get ideas from them.

If you’d rather not show your face, that’s fine! Just switch off the camera.


An interesting town in your country

A picture or painting you like

Returning something to a shop

An interesting building

A crop grown in your country

A time when you were late

A funny mistake that you made.

A language you’d like to learn

An event that made you feel happy

An advertisement you like

A school event

An environmental problem near you

A local news story.

Storytelling and Past Tense practice.

Try out the captions on Flipgrid.

In this video you can see how the CAPTIONS work.

They could really help you see how clearly you’re speaking (how does the caption-generator pick up what you say?)


Need help? Message me on your favourite platform, or click here.

I'll get back to you as soon as I get your message.

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