General Training Writing 

How much do you know about the GT Writing Test?

Take this quick test to find out.

How much time are you allowed for the GT Writing Test?

60 minutes. 

How many tasks do you write?


How much time should you spend on each section?

20 minutes on Task 1.

40 minutes on Task 2 (it’s worth more points)

Be very strict about time management. 

Should you write your answers in pen or pencil?

Pencil only. Or these days you can do the Computer-Delivered Test.

Is handwriting important?

The examiner is only assessing the quality of your language, but if he/she struggles to read your writing, it makes it more difficult for them to follow. This could affect your mark.

What's Task 1 about?

It’s a letter or email.

It could be formal (e.g. job application), informal (e.g. inviting a friend to stay) or semi-formal (e.g. arranging a work party).

150 words minimum.

Should you put addresses?


In Task 1 should you use formal language?

Please please please believe me when I say you should use FORMAL language only in FORMAL situations (e.g. complaints or when you don’t know the person).

Do NOT be afraid of using INFORMAL language to friends and family.

Do I need to cover all the bullet points in the question?

Yes, absolutely YES.

What's Task 2 about?

It’s an essay e.g. For/Against, Advantages/Disadvantages, Problem/Solution.

250 words minimum.

Is Task 2 the same in Academic and General Training?

The questions for GT tend to be on more FAMILIAR topics like neighbours, school, TV and family.

But you will use exactly the same Task 2 writing techniques for both Academic and GT.

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