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Thinking of joining the Academy?

Here are some of the reasons why my students love being a member of the Academy.

Join today to get all the courses, bonuses and benefits included.

Specialised courses for Writing Task 1 and Task 2

Most people need help with IELTS Writing, so there are step-by-step courses that cover everything you need to know.

You can submit your Writing and get my personalised feedback and assessment with the Coaching Package.

Academic Writing Basics

Are you new to IELTS Academic Writing? Follow this 28-day course to get the basics for Task 1 and Task 2.

This is a bonus course which is available for full members.

GT Writing Course

28 days of Task 1 lessons for the General Training IELTS Test.

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1

Want to take more time and focus on Academic Task 1 in more detail? This course covers all Task 1 types.

IELTS Writing Task 2

28 days of Writing Task 2 lessons (for both General Training and Academic)

 Courses and Materials for Academic and General Training Tests

IELTS Reading skills

28 days of Academic Reading lessons will take you through Parts 1-3, practising the different question types.

Academic Reading Course

NEW! My latest Reading course uses the most recent practice tests and is a good quick-start guide for Academic students.

IELTS GT Reading

This General Training Reading Course is combined with the main Academic Course. It will take you through Parts 1-3 using GT texts.

 Speaking, Pronunciation and Listening Courses and Practice

Full Coaching Members have a weekly Speaking class on ZOOM, and if you can’t attend, you can submit a weekly recording for me to analyse. You’ll get video feedback with links to support lessons that you can do in the Academy.

IELTS Speaking

This 28-Day Course will take you through Speaking Parts 1, 2 and 3 and improve your pronunciation and fluency through practise, feedback and the phonemic chart.

Record your Speaking Part 2

Submit weekly recordings for me to give you feedback on your pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.

IELTS Listening

This is a 28-day course that will take you through Listening Parts 1 – 4 with real Practice Tests built in.

Vocabulary Booster Course

If you’ve completed all the courses and are aiming for Band 7, the Vocabulary Booster Course will help you review and get more practise and exposure before the test. 

IELTS Vocabulary

This is an intensive course with exercises and tasks designed to improve your performance in all 4 parts of the test. 

IELTS Mock Tests

The Members Academy includes reliable and convenient Mock Tests that you can take at your convenience.

Language and Grammar Courses

Grammar lessons are built into the course, so you can use the Grammar Course if you need extra practice with specific items, or follow one of the Grammar Bootcamps (below) to focus on specific areas of weakness (Conditionals and Perfect Tenses).

Keep working through the Vocabulary Course, and start looking at the Friday Takeaway blogs to see if there’s anything you’ve missed, or ace your high-level conditionals with the Bootcamp.

Private blog of tips

Grammar Takeaways

ALL members get access to this private blog of extra lessons based on Member Q&A and feedback sessions.

PERFECT Bootcamp

Perfect Grammar Course

Review Past, Present, Modal and Future PERFECT here.

Conditional Bootcamp


Review zero, first, second, third and mixed conditionals here.

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