Pronunciation Day 5: Contractions 1

Lesson aims

In this lesson we examine one verb (‘have’) in its different forms

  • contracted forms (I’ve)
  • weak forms (Have you?
  • strong forms (Yes, I HAVE)
  • informal options (I’ve got)

We also look at how to answer the short ’round-up’ questions at the end of Speaking Part 2.

Contractions (slides for 3 lessons)

How the lesson will help:

I honestly believe that using contractions (I’m, I’d, They’re etc) in your Speaking (NOT in formal writing!) will make a huge difference to your fluency and pronunciation score.

Why you need to do it:

Lots of students don’t realise how contractions are pronounced in fast speech e.g ‘They’re = there = their” and ‘aren’t = aunt. This is not about accent – this is about correct pronunciation, and it will make a big difference to your score.

What you need to do:

1. Watch the video and pause and repeat as much as possible. Try to get the exact sounds right.

2. Record yourself when you practice the questions in the video – do you use contractions naturally? Or do you use full forms?

3. Start using more contractions whenever you practise speaking, and listen out for them whenever you do any listening practice.

4. If you have any questions, head over to the Facebook group and drop me a line!

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