We’ve spent a week focusing on ‘matching’ questions.

Today, test yourself. 

  • Do a full practice test and record your score.

The answers are at the bottom of the sheet. Listen to the podcast for explanations.

Academic Reading Mock Test 3 and ANSWERS

Section 1: The concept of intelligence

Watch my YouTube video here

Section 2: Saving bugs to find new drugs

Section 3: The power of play

GT Mock Test 3 and ANSWERS

[Sorry I don’t have podcasts for these yet]

Section 1:

The Guardian Newspaper’s Travel Photography Competition

Running Headphones

Section 2

A case study of a risk assessment for general office cleaning

Preparing for a virtual job interview

Section 3

Tuning up your leadership skills

How the lesson will help:

Using the previous Reading (Serendipity) to save time, this video talks you through some strategies for matching sentence endings.

As always, the answer is divided:

Step 1 – find the information (key words)

Step 2 – find the answer (the rest of the sentence)


Why you need to do it:

You can get some easy points here – sentence endings are not usually very tricky. 


What you need to do:

1. Try the test if you want to first. Serendipity(.pdf)

2. Pause the video and test yourself before you hear the answer.

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