IELTS Speaking, Pronunciation and Feedback

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IELTS Speaking & Pronunciation Course PLUS 2 x Mock Tests for $149

This course and mock Speaking Tests and Feedback are designed to identify and fix your Speaking weak points just before the test.

The 28 days of videos and daily extra practice worksheets will help you to:

  • appear completely confident and make a fantastic first impression
  • answer the different question types of questions with ease
  • get totally ready for Part 1 – the only part you can prepare for 
  • stop worrying about answering the question in Part 2!
  • use Part 2 models (videos and 2 x 30-Day Challenges included) to master your 2-minute Long Turn
  • ‘change gear’ in Part 3: giving opinions, developing an argument, making generalisations, using conditionals, comparisons, modifiers, emphasis and modifiers
  • understand the Band Descriptors and how to meet the criteria for the band you need 
  • use a variety of tenses and complex grammar to answer specific questions
  • make your language more complex

The pronunciation course will help you:

  • understand the sound system and how it can ‘fix’ your pronunciation
  • introduce you to the Phonemic Alphabet so you can use it for key sounds
  • practise word stress so that you sound more natural
  • change certain sounds for connected speech so that you sound more fluent
  • make some ‘quick fixes’ like contractions
  • avoid making some of the most common pronunciation mistakes

How can an IELTS Speaking Mock Test help you?

If you’ve never taken the test before, the 2 x 50-minute mock tests and feedback will help you:

  • get used to the test format
  • get practice performing under pressure
  • get instant feedback and action points
  • take action using the language-specific Pronunciation Course
  • understand what criteria you’re meeting in the Band Descriptors
  • get a predicted score

If you’ve taken the test before and didn’t get the score you needed, the session will

  • focus on what the examiner is thinking
  • deeply analyse what criteria you are NOT meeting for your desired score
  • give you instant feedback and action points
  • break down your predicted score
  • give you extra practice with a real examiner

Each of your 2 mock tests consists of:

  • 2 x 50-minute live Mock Test sessions via SKYPE or ZOOM with me
  • a recording of the session that you can download and keep
  • detailed on-the-spot feedback and assessment
  • a breakdown of your grade for each of the Band Descriptors
  • a list of action points to work on e.g. grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, fluency

What happens next?

As soon as your payment is processed, you will get an automatic email with details of how to log in (please check junk mail).

Then you will get INSTANT ACCESS to all the amazing materials.

There’s a little yellow box for you to click which will help you find out where to start.

You’ll then be able to use the materials, and any others that I add, plus the Facebook group where I give advice and answer questions in our small community, for 6 months.

If you still have questions, please contact me here and I will try to get straight back to you.

Looking forward to working with you!

All the best