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Members Academy: 8 x IELTS Writing Feedback Videos

Hi there,

This option is available if you are already a full Member of the Academy (as part of your detailed feedback, I will include links to specific lessons that you need to review).

Please email me if you're having any problems purchasing this feedback.

Best wishes



This one-time purchase will give you 8 video assessments (4 x Task 1, 4 x Task 2) for both General Training and Academic IELTS.

Each time you submit your task on the COACHING page, I will send you a feedback video where I go through your Writing as the examiner does.

  • I will keep a separate Google doc for you so that you can keep all 8 before/after responses in one place.
  • I will correct the grammar, punctuation and spelling.
  • I will suggest alternatives and give you action points for things I notice coming up frequently.
  • I will include links to Members Academy lessons and Takeaways for you to renew.
  • I will give you an estimated score for each Band Criteria.
  • I will email you a video link to the feedback within 48 hours of receiving your reponse.
  • The model answer and instructional video with language practice is available for you to review on the Coaching page.

I have chosen the Writing Tasks on the Coaching page to give you enough variety and experience of the main question types.