Is this you?

You need to take the IELTS test but…

you’re always too busy to study and you feel like you’re not making enough progress.

you’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos, but all the teachers seem to have different advice. The more you watch, the more confused you feel.

maybe you’ve also taken the test a few times and you’ve been disappointed by the results. You just don’t know how you’re ever going to get the score you need.  

As a highly qualified and experienced tutor, I can help you get the score you’re aiming for, in a way that fits around your busy life.

Fiona Wattam photo

Hi, I’m Fiona, an IELTS coach with over 30 years of teaching experience. 

I can help you

stay motivated and make real progress day by day

feel confident that you fully understand what the test requires

finally get the IELTS score you need

How will the Members Academy 3-month study program help you achieve IELTS Band 7+?

The Members Academy Study Program will support you with every aspect of your IELTS preparation.

It is a 3-month course where you will develop your skills in a variety of ways.

You’ll make quick progress and stay motivated with

  • daily videos
  • worksheets
  • quizzes
  • slideshows
  • models
  • live lessons
  • grammar practice
  • mock tests

You’ll improve all four skills and your test-day strategies at the same time.

IELTS with Fiona academy

Bite-sized lessons

Short, step-by-step videos will guide you through every aspect of the IELTS Test with REAL practice.

Worksheets and Models

Practise what you’ve learnt with examples that you can re-use in the exam plus a variety of interactive activities.

Private blog

Exclusive new lessons for Members Only, and a search bar of lessons so you can quickly find what you need.

Access to me

I’m here to answer your questions and give accurate, expert feedback and follow-up lessons.

Private Community

Get motivation and support from like-minded students with regular meet-ups on Zoom and a private online group.

Daily tips

Get a daily prompt as soon as you log in, and a weekly email to keep you engaged.

Progress Tracker

Cover everything you need, with a clear syllabus so you can see where you’re going.

INSTANT, unlimited access

Get all the courses as soon as you join the course.

Extra practice

I’ve filtered the best online tools and websites to push your further towards your goal.

All prices are in US dollars

What do my members say?

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IELTS courses with Fiona


The Members Academy covers everything – have a look inside:

Academic Writing Task 1

You will learn how to:

  • Produce an excellent Band 7+ report

Week 1

Day 1: Mindset
Day 2: Strategies
Day 3: Band Descriptors
Day 4: Finding 3 key features
Day 5: Verbs of change: Past Simple
Day 6: Adverbs of change
Day 7: Nouns of change

Week 2
Day 8: The introductory sentence
Day 9: Choosing tenses
Day 10: Making predictions
Day 11: How to add data
Day 12: Prepositions
Day 13: Writing an overview
Day 14: Percentage and Proportion

Week 3
Day 15: Comparisons
Day 16: Twice as much/as many
Day 17: Double/twofold
Day 18: Organising Information (Coherence)
Day 19: Linkers (Cohesion)
Day 20: Present Participle
Day 21: Synonyms

Week 4

Day 22: Changes to a town 1
Day 23: Changes to a town 2
Day 24: Changes to a plan
Day 25: A natural cycle
Day 26: A process diagram
Day 27: Articles
Day 28: Review

You will get model answers and worksheets for each example, so that you can practise a variety of answers.

Writing Task 2

You will learn how to:

  • write an outstanding Task 2 Essay

Week 1

Day 1: Overview – busting the myths
Day 2: Essay types
Day 3: How to get ideas
Day 4: PEEL paragraphs
Day 5: How to present a clear position
Day 6: How to write the introduction
Day 7: General Statements

Week 2
Day 8: How to show clear progression
Day 9: How to use a range of cohesive devices
Day 10: How to use reference words
Day 11: How to use advanced Linking Words
Day 12: How to write the conclusion
Day 13: Problem-Solution essays
Day 14: Unless

Week 3

Day 15: How to be formal
Day 16: How to show range and flexibility
Day 17: How to show awareness of style
Day 18: How to use less common words
Day 19: How to hedge
Day 20: Articles
Day 21: Quantifiers

Week 4
Day 22: Adding Emphasis
Day 23: Adverbs
Day 24: Functions
Day 25: Punctuation
Day 26: Common mistakes
Day 27: Critical thinking
Day 28: TEST

You will get model answers and worksheets plus integrated grammar lessons.

GT Writing Task 1

You will learn how to:

  • Write a perfect letter or email

Week 1

Day 1: Mindset
Day 2: Formal and informal greetings
Day 3: Getting the TONE right
Day 4: How to write a formal letter of complaint
Day 5: How to write an informal complaint
Day 6: Letter to a landlord
Day 7: Review Test

Week 2
Day 8: Formal requests
Day 9: Informal requests
Day 10: Request for information
Day 11: Giving advice
Day 12: Suggestions
Day 13: Problem-solving
Day 14: Review Test

Week 3

Day 15: Job applications
Day 16: Present Perfect
Day 17: Extreme Adjectives
Day 18: Too much/many
Day 19: Polite (indirect) questions
Day 20: Reported speech
Day 21: Reporting verbs

Week 4
Day 22: Review Test
Day 23: How to apologise
Day 24: Regrets
Day 25: Storytelling
Day 26: Phrasal Verbs
Day 27: ‘ing’ verbs vs infinitive
Day 28: Review Test

Get model letters and worksheets for each example, so that you can practise a variety of answers.


There are TWO Reading Courses in the Academy.

In the MAIN course, you will learn how to:

  • read faster
  • master the different question types

Part 1: True/False/Not Given questions

Day 1: How much do you know?
Day 2: Using text structures
Day 3: TFNG – the basics
Day 4: TFNG – some tricks
Day 5: YNNG – the basics
Day 6: YNNG – advanced
Day 7: Mock test

Part 2: Gapfill questions

Day 8: Completing ‘notes’
Day 9: Completing a summary
Day 10: Gapfill with answers
Day 11: Completing a table
Day 12: Flow charts
Day 13: Labelling a diagram
Day 14: Open questions

Part 3: Matching questions
Day 15: Using first lines
Day 16: Using text order
Day 17: Matching information
Day 18: Matching categories
Day 19: Matching people
Day 20: One, both or neither?
Day 21: Matching sentence endings

Part 4: Multiple Choice questions
Day 22: Choosing dates
Day 23: Choosing statements
Day 24: Multiple choice
Day 25: Global questions/overall aim
Day 26: The Computer-Delivered Test
Day 27: How to manage your time
Day 28: Timed Mock Test

In the NEW course, you will apply and review the techniques from the MAIN course, using the most up-to-date materials.

Get real tests with explanations and key vocabulary lists for EACH ANSWER so that you build your understanding and familiarity with different text and question types.


You will learn how to:

  • tackle the different question types
  • listen for signals and distractors
  • learn commonly-used gapfill words

The Listening Module takes you through each part of the test with detailed practice on each question type.

It uses real listenings and provides worksheets with common answers and difficult spelling rules.

Part 1
Day 1: Practice Test Walk-Through
Day 2: Listening for NAMES
Day 3: Listening for NUMBERS
Day 4: How not to lose points
Day 5: Complex examples and tricks
Day 6: Full Section 1 with tips
Day 7: Full Practice test by yourself

Part 2
Day 8: Multiple choice
Day 9: Choosing from a list
Day 10: Completing a table
Day 11: Labelling a map
Day 12: Identifying distractors (tricks!)
Day 13: Labelling a map/floor plan
Day 14: Practice Test

Part 3
Day 15: An expert interview (Australian accent)
Day 16: Gap fill
Day 17: Choosing from a list (American accent)
Day 18: Matching information
Day 19: Identifying opinion
Day 20: Listening for who does what
Day 21: Practice Test

Part 4
Day 22: Practice test walk-through
Day 23: My research into typical answers
Day 24: Multiple choice in a lecture
Day 25: Getting through a long gap-fill text
Day 26: How to use signals and bullet points
Day 27: Final test and reference words
Day 28: How to transfer answers

The lessons use real tests and tapescripts, so that you can go back and listen to improve your understanding of accents and fast, connected speech. Get extra practice with FULL MOCK TESTS.


Vocabulary is the single most important factor in getting your Band Score above 7.

In the Vocabulary Booster Module you will:

  • learn the most essential vocab to get you a higher score in all areas
  • quickly build your vocabulary knowledge by focusing on collocations
  • constantly review the vocabulary so that it ‘sticks’
  • actively use the vocabulary in the integrated writing and speaking tasks built in to the programme

Each lesson focuses on one IELTS topic and includes practice for EACH skill plus a Revision video and quiz, worksheet booklet and word formation booklet.

The course topics are:
Day 1: Farming/Agriculture
Day 2: Nature
Day 3: Wildlife
Day 4: Pollution
Day 5: Recycling
Day 6: Water
Day 7: Tourism
Day 8: Housing
Day 9: Buildings
Day 10: Cities
Day 11: Development
Day 12: Civilisation
Day 13: Transport
Day 14: Crime
Day 15: Family
Day 16: Personality
Day 17: Gender
Day 18: Happiness
Day 19: Health
Day 20: Leisure
Day 21: Finance
Day 22: Education
Day 23: Languages
Day 24: The Arts
Day 25: Technology
Day 26: Research
Day 27: Inventions
Day 28: The Future


Essential and Advanced Grammar lessons are integrated into the skills lessons, so that you develop your grammar naturally and in the right context.

There are 2 extra grammar courses that give you ONE grammar point to master each day, with a short video or live lesson, followed by a variety of IELTS-related practice exercises (so that you don’t waste time practising language that you’ll never use).

1. Conditionals

This covers:

  • Zero Conditional
  • First Conditional
  • Second Conditional
  • Third Conditional
  • Mixed Conditionals

2. Perfect tenses

This covers:

  • Present Perfect
  • Past Perfect
  • Modal Perfect
  • Future Perfect

You will finally understand how these essential grammar points work, and be able to use them with confidence in different parts of the test.

You can also search for tricky grammar points and common mistakes in the Private Blog.

If you can’t find a quick answer in the blog, I will create a specific lesson for you.

Private Community

This is a small, dedicated community of like-minded students, where we post, chat and share resources.

It’s also a place where you can ask questions and get help when you need it.


You will 

  • develop your Speaking Skills so that you can maximise your performance in the 15-minute test
  • learn how to integrate higher level vocabulary and grammar into your responses
  • improve your pronunciation and fluency

Week 1: Part 1

Day 1: Intro and the ‘schwa’

Day 2: Your home

Day 3: Your job/studies

Day 4: Present Perfect for experience

Day 5: Past Tenses

Day 6: Storytelling tenses

Day 7: I’d rather vs I’d prefer

Week 2: Part 2

Day 8: Word stress

Day 9: Contractions

Day 10: Vulnerable vowels

Day 11: Used to

Day 12: Past Perfect Continuous

Day 13: Connected speech

Day 14: 2-minute challenge

Week 3: Part 3

Day 15: Generalisations

Day 16: Signals

Day 17: Adverbs and opinions

Day 18: Predictions

Day 19: Comparisons

Day 20: Intrusive sounds

Day 21: have to

Week 4: Part 3 

Day 22: Problematic sounds

Day 23: Conditionals

Day 24: Moving stress

Day 25: Phrasal verbs and nouns

Day 26: Developing a topic

Day 27: Prepositions

Day 28: Agreeing and disagreeing


The Pronunciation Module is combined with the Speaking Course.

You will learn how to demonstrate the ‘Pronunciation Features’ that IELTS specifically tests.

There are 28 Pronunciation Lessons, which focus on

  • individual sounds
  • word stress
  • connected speech
  • sentence stress
  • intonation

Optional extra: submit a 2-minute video recording for me to analyse (the first one is free). You will get a 15-minute feedback video where I analyse your response and give you specific homework focusing on individual weak points.

You will also have access to a bank of videos recorded by the Members so you can get ideas on how to improve your own response.

Private Blog

I create a weekly lesson based on questions that my Members ask.

There is a variety of short, quick ‘Takeaways’ in the Private Blog.

It will help you:

  • understand common mistakes and how to fix them
  • get quick answers to your questions (use the search bar)

The blog is full of extra, short lessons based on single grammar points that need extra practice for the test.

Any time you have a question about grammar that you need help with, you will find an extra lesson with IELTS-related practice examples.

If it’s not already there, I will make it for you!

Mock Tests

Test yourself with my easy-to-use Mock Tests.

You will 

  • get real test practice
  • identify areas you need to work on, so you can go back to the course and get help on those question types
  • see where you’re making progress

The tests can be accessed any time, so you can do them at your own pace depending on when your test is.

You can do the test on your computer and check the answers by yourself.

Join today

Perfect if you’ve got the test coming up

Ideal for maximising your IELTS score

Frequently Asked Questions

What EXACTLY is included in the 3-month option
  • All skills courses (2 Reading Courses, Writing Task 1, Writing Task 2, Listening, Speaking & Pronunciation, GT Letter Writing)
  • ALL grammar courses and grammar lessons
  • ALL resources/downloadables/model answers included in the courses (at least 28 x Task 1 and 28 x Task 2 model answers)
  • BONUS: Private blog of 100+ mini-lessons (covering a wide variety of solutions for common IELTS problems)
  • BONUS: Monthly Q&A live Zoom meetings with Fiona
  • BONUS: 8 x Writing Masterclass video lessons (normally only available in the Coaching Programme)
  • Small, private community

The 3-month course-only option does NOT include:

  • Writing Correction, Analysis and Feedback
  • Speaking Lessons and Pronunciation analysis
  • Course Library of ebooks and model answers
  • Previous webinars (150+ videos with PDFs and model answers)
  • Vocabulary Booster Course (a 3-month course which practises of all 4 skills)

This option is suitable for both General Training and Academic Test Takers.

If you need an intensive course to make quick progress, this is the best option for you.

Is the Academy right for me?

If you have never taken the test before, the Academy will make sure you’re 100% ready to take it. It will help you focus and avoid the distractions of different online advice that is just confusing you.

If you have taken the test before, you will improve your score because the Academy will help you discover and fix the things that are keeping you at a lower band.

Can I join for just one month?

One month is not enough time to make progress in all 4 skills plus grammar and vocabulary, so I don’t offer a 1-month option.

However, you can buy each of the courses separately – you’ll still get access to all of the benefits. 

This is also a good way of spreading the cost.

How long will it take me to get through the materials?

This really depends on you.

The core program will take about 3 months if you do one lesson a day.

This will be enough practice to prepare you for the exam.

If you’re aiming for a high score, I recommend that you do the Vocabulary Booster Course (included in the 1-year program), which takes another 3 months.

Will I be able to understand everything?


  • I am used to working with students from all over the world, and the language that I use is clear and simple.
  • I also use Powerpoint slides in every video that you can access any time, so that you can see and read exactly what I am talking about.
  • The worksheets mirror what we do in the videos, so there is nothing new or confusing when you do the practice exercises.
  • All of the worksheets also have detailed answers included and you can print them off and keep them as a reference.
  • MOST videos have subtitles that you can switch on and off as an extra support.
Do I need to have internet access?

The course is fully online so can access it on your computer, phone or tablet. 

You can download and print off all of the worksheets, mindmaps, feedback PDFs, model answers and ebooks to keep forever.

You will need internet access to watch the videos, as they are not downloadable.

Can I download the videos and slides?

The videos and slides are not downloadable. There are pdfs to accompany most lessons – you can download these and keep them forever.

You will have access to the videos and slides as long as you are a Member in the Academy.

How long will I have access to the content?

In the full Members Academy, you will be able to access the videos, Facebook group and live lessons for as long as you have an active membership.

You can download and keep the PDF materials forever.

The videos are not downloadable, but the content of the videos is in the PDFs.

What if I'm not very technical?

I have made everything as easy as possible. You can access all the videos and materials on a computer, tablet or phone, just by putting in your email address and password.

What's the difference between the 3-month and 1-year option?

I hope you’ll get the score you need after 3 months.

However, most people need at least 3 – 6 months to prepare, especially if they need a high score.

The 1-year option gives you the freedom to take your time over your preparation.

You will also get the Vocabulary Booster Course included, so you can start building your vocabulary right from the start.

Why is your Academy different?

I’ve put my 30 years of experience teaching, examining and working with IELTS students into the Academy that I truly believe will help you improve your score if you make full use of all the materials and the feedback sessions.

I’ve also chosen the best materials and done everything I can to make the lessons clear, logical and engaging.

Most importantly, I am very active in the Academy. I know all my members on an individual basis. You will not be left alone to struggle with the materials. I am always here to help.

The lessons are “NOT just a bunch of papers” as one of my reviewers points out.

They do NOT just give you information. They are carefully designed to bring about transformation, by helping you develop independent learner skills, using the most up-to-date methodologies.

Also my Academy is a very SMALL group of motivated professionals. Many of the students are doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses and teachers, or are preparing for further study opportunities in English-speaking countries.

I am proud to know everyone by their first name and many of the members stay in the group long after they have passed their IELTS test!

What happens when my membership expires?

Lots of my Members want to keep benefiting from the course.

You are welcome to renew your subscription – contact me for your renewal discount.

Do you provide a 1:1 Coaching Program?

I have very limited spaces for 1:1 coaching, and it’s something I recommend that you do AFTER you’ve completed the courses.

With my Coaching Program, you’ll get access to all of the courses and materials.

You also get access to 150+ recorded Writing Feedback webinars PLUS all of the materials in the Course Library.

I will personalise your learning journey and we will work together as you go through the Study Program and submit your writing and speaking tasks.

For each writing task submitted, you will get

1. initial feedback points: so that you can review and correct your mistakes.

2. a detailed analysis with grades

3. action points for homework

For each speaking task you submit (via video recording) you will get

1. My detailed video of points as I watch your video. You can download and keep these videos

2. Action points for further work and an opportunity to re-record if necessary.

3. A document with the list of areas to work on.

We will also have 2 x live coaching sessions.

The coaching option is best for people who:

  • need to pass the test quickly
  • have tried the test several times

Please note that there are very limited spaces available for the Coaching Program.

Can you give me a refund?

We take your investment seriously, and we’d appreciate it if you took our investment of time and resources into your success seriously, too.

Unfortunately in the past there were people who joined the Members Academy in order to download all my materials and then ask for a refund. In order to protect myself and my members from this fraudulent behaviour, I do not issue automatic refunds.

As you are able to download, make use of and copy the product immediately, we will only offer refunds in limited circumstances at our discretion, or where required by UK Law.

However, if for whatever reason you decide that the Members Academy is not what you were expecting or different from how it was described, please get in touch within 24 hours. Any downloads that you might have made will be deducted.

Please check my Terms and Conditions for further details.

What if I don't have a credit card?

I recommend that you sign up to PayPal, which is a safe way of paying online.

Will you mark and check my work in the Academy?

The Academy courses have answers and you can check everything by yourself.

You can upgrade to the Coaching Course any time to get Writing and Speaking Feedback.

Is Writing and Speaking Feedback included?

Writing/Speaking feedback is NOT included in the courses-only options but you can upgrade to the Coaching option any time.

What if I can't attend the monthly live Q&A sessions?
Don’t worry – you can submit your questions before the session and I will answer it. There will be a replay with notes.

See what you'll learn

 Still not sure?

I know it’s a big decision. If you have any doubts about joining, please contact me. Here are some things my students often say before they join.


I don’t have time to study.


The course is structured so you just do a little every day and gradually cover all the materials in an organised way.


I hate studying IELTS materials. They’re so boring.


You’ll find my materials and methods refreshingly engaging and user-friendly.

I have broken down IELTS into easy, manageable chunks with short videos, clear learning aims and student-centred activities.


I need 1:1 tuition.


1:1 tuition is a lot more expensive. In the Academy, you get the best of both worlds – all the lessons designed by an IELTS tutor and ex-examiner, PLUS help and support when you need it.

You’ll also develop independent learning skills and you can upgrade to get 1:1 lessons later if you need them.


I don’t like studying by myself.


The Academy is a very small community of about 30 students at any one time. Everyone works together and supports each other in the private community group.


I’ve tried other courses and none of them worked.


I understand, and it’s difficult to guarantee success. But my students tell me that they’ve tried other courses and mine was the only one that worked.

Because of my experience with IELTS, I will help you find out where you’re going wrong more quickly so that you can finally address these issues and fix them. 


I can’t afford the course.


I know it seems like a lot in one go, but the all-courses package is about the same price as 2 days in a language school.

I believe you will SAVE money because you won’t have to pay to re-take the test, and you’ll start making money in your dream job a lot sooner than you had planned.

The Academy is not just a course. It includes motivation and support from an ex-IELTS examiner, high-quality tech and video platforms to make it easier to use,  plus personalised access to me throughout the whole period, plus daily updates to ensure that you review and develop your skills and knowledge.