Speaking Day 6: Storytelling for Part 1 and 2

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Review the Past Continuous

Use the PAST CONTINUOUS to give the background to your story.

e.g. When this event happened…


  • …what were you doing?
  • …where were you living?
  • …who were you travelling with?
  • …what were you wearing?
  • …where were you sitting?
  • …what was the weather like? (It was raining/snowing)

Your Day 6 TASK:

Start thinking about telling a story. Plan it in advance if you want to, and write it down if it helps.

Try to talk for 2 minutes if you can, but don’t worry if not.

Talk about a time that you were late for an appointment.


Review the Past Perfect

There is a full WEEK of lessons about the Past Perfect Simple and Continuous in the PERFECT Bootcamp (Week 2), so this is just a quick overview and practice.

PRONUNCIATION: The different spellings of the /f/ sound

Guess and Check/Listen and Repeat

Test yourself here

(Go directly to Quizlet for all the playing and audio options)


Test yourself – can you get these right?


ROUGH rʌf 

PLOUGH plaʊ 


SLOUGH* slaʊ (a swamp)


LOUGH* lɒk (a lake)


COUGHING ˈkɒfɪŋ 

HICCOUGHING ˈhɪkʌpɪŋ  (hiccuping)

*slough and lough (‘loch’ in Scotland) are not common or useful words – they are just used here to make a point, so don’t worry about them.

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