Get ALL the practice you need to boost your Writing score.

Daily actionable activities and interactive video lessons with a private Facebook group and IELTS specialist tutor

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How will the writing course help me?

Expert Lessons

 My bite-size, step by step lessons will introduce and review key strategies and language.


Interactive Tasks

Test your knowledge and understanding with daily games and quizzes to help you review and revise.

Active Writing!

Each day includes a Writing task focused on one specific area which will help you level-up your skills.

Private Community

You can ask questions, share experiences and link up with other like-minded students, and get feedback and support in our WhatsApp and Facebook groups.

Tools for further practice

Lessons include Learning Links that you can save and use to build learner-independence.


Speaking Classes with Will

As a special bonus, for 1 month you’ll be able to join any Speaking Class for 1 month (twice a day, 5 days a week).

Access to an ex-examiner

I’m an ex-examiner and can answer your questions accurately and reliably.

Band 9 Models

We will work with a range of question types and models that you can keep and use as revision.

Bonus Subscriptions

All members get student subscriptions to and Newsela.

Come and have a look inside

I’m FIONA and I created the 28-Day Writing Course to help you turn information into transformation.

IELTS with Fiona

I’m an EFL Trainer with 30 years teaching experience.

  • IELTS specialist with 20 years of examining experience.
  • MA (Distinction) in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.
  • 5 years’ experience of creating effective interactive courses and live challenges in the Members Academy
  • UK based.
  • Qualified CELTA, DELTA and TESOL Trainer
  • Worked with The British Council, Cambridge ESOL Assessment, Trinity Exams, Anglia Ruskin University and Essex University.


IELTS with Fiona Members Academy

Get instant access to my full suite of training resources

The Members Academy 28-Day Courses speed up your success because they focus on ONE skill intensively for 28 days, so that you make rapid progress.

I’ve created, researched and collected the most effective materials and I will help you choose what’s right for you. No time-wasting.

Make a commitment to do one daily task, and notice the difference within a week.

Get my checklists, cheat sheets, model answers and slides

The Members Academy helps you learn and keeps you motivated in a variety of ways:

  • Built-in quizzes and gamification (play against your peers with well-known educational apps: Quizlet, Quizziz, Google Quizzes and Flashcards)
  • Integrated Video activities to make you stop, think and make choices before you check answers
  • Colour-coded Worksheets to download and print off
  • Bonus apps for Reading and Listening where you can set your own goals and keep digital notes, highlights and definitions.
  • Learn how to use a variety of the best tech tools

All of these resources will immerse you in English and help you make faster progress.

Best IELTS Course Materials Fiona
IELTS Speaking Classes Fiona

A thriving and happy community

The Members Academy has a small, friendly community, so it’s easy to chat with your classmates both during the lesson and in your free time.

Meet your classmates in the twice-daily Speaking class with Fiona and Will. Get to know other like-minded students going through exactly the same process as you.

Share experiences (the highs and the lows!), ask questions, swap tips, get help and have fun.

Learning is a team sport. In the Members Academy we are ALL learning, and the community gives you incredible support.

Get instant access to the Task 1 and Task 2 courses.

Get instant access to the ACADEMIC Task 1 and Task 2 Writing Course.

Get instant access to the GENERAL TRAINING Task 1 and Task 2 Writing Course.


The Writing Course includes:


28+ writing lessons

Each bite-size lesson is designed to cut out the information overload, and maximise YOUR input, so that you are making small transformations DAILY.


All learning resources

Each unit has a worksheet, quiz, activity or crib-sheet to help you practise what you have learnt. Keep the exercises and materials so that you can refer back to them forever in an end-of-course ebook.


Private Members Community

My private Facebook and Whatsapp groups for Bootcampers are places where you can ask questions and get help throughout your training, and where you get exclusive access to useful materials and IELTS updates.


Model answers

We will use a range of Model Answers written by examiners and colour-coded to help you learn academic structures, arguments, collocations and high-scoring language items.


Bonus! Speaking Lessons with Will

As a Bootcamper, you’ll get access to Will’s wildly-popular Speaking Lessons 4 times a week INCLUDED in the price.


Live Lessons (Live Bootcamp only)

Weekly live lessons will keep you working towards a goal. Ask questions, solve problems and see what an ex-examiner thinks about your writing.


ebooks to keep forever

The course includes e-books of Task 2 Models, tips and exercises plus a booklet of common mistakes that you can print off and keep forever.

Get instant access to the Task 1 and Task 2 courses.

Get instant access to the ACADEMIC Task 1 and Task 2 Writing Course.

Get instant access to the GENERAL TRAINING Task 1 and Task 2 Writing Course.

What do my Members think about my courses?

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Need a few more details?

IELTS Academic Writing Course Syllabus
IELTS GT Writing Course syllabus

This all sounds great BUT…

Do I get the whole course at the start?

YES. I designed the course so that you learn step by step, so I recommend that you do ONE lesson each day. But you can do more if you wish.

How is this course different from the full Members Academy?

The 28-Day Task 1 and Task 2 Writing Course is included in the Members Academy all-access pass.

The Members Academy has full courses for each skill, a bank of extra resources, weekly live lessons, weekly writing feedback and a private Facebook group.

In the Members Academy, you get full access to all the courses as soon as you join.

How is this course different from other IELTS Writing Courses?

I also believe that my courses are more interactive (there are practice games and activities with most lessons) more engaging (there is no passive learning – you have to take part, even in the videos), and they cater for different learning styles (if you don’t like videos, you can work through the slides at your own pace).

I have also built in learner-training activities such as how to use the best tech tools, so that you keep developing your skills as you progress.

If you’re doing a LIVE Bootcamp, the main difference is that on top of the benefits of the course, you work as a group, have to meet deadlines, submit your writing, take part in the lessons and get your Writing assessed.

When is the next LIVE Bootcamp?

I am hoping to run the next LIVE Bootcamp in September 2021.

How long will I have access to the materials?

For the first 28 days, you will be able to open one lesson each day.

After 28 days, you will have access to the materials plus any others that I add for 6 months in total.

You can download all the materials and keep them forever.

Will I be able to understand everything?

The lessons start simply and get increasingly difficult.

If you are hoping to get above Band 6 Writing, you will need to get out of your comfort zone.

All of the worksheets also have detailed answers included and you can print them off and keep them as a reference.

Do I need to have internet access?

YES. The course is fully online.

Can I download the videos?

You will not be able to download my tuition videos. You will have access to them as long as you are on the course.

What if I'm not very technical?

I have made everything as easy as possible.

You can access all the videos and materials on a computer, tablet or phone, just by putting in your email address and password.

Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?

There are no refunds for the Course-only Bootcamp.

What if I don't have a credit card?

I recommend that you sign up to PayPal, which is a safe way of paying online.

What happens after the course is finished?

After 6 months, you will no longer have access to the course and you can upgrade to the Members Academy at any point.

How much work will I have to do?

This is up to you!

The best way to make the most of the course is to engage with the materials – print them off, write on them, take notes, make lists and review them daily.

You will need to set aside an hour a day for this if you really want to see progress.

Are you ready to kick-start your IELTS Writing and level up your score for LESS than the price of a coursebook or a single 1:1 lesson?


Get instant access to the ACADEMIC Writing Course.

Get instant access to the GENERAL TRAINING Writing Course.