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Accommodation: Countable or uncountable?
Check out the rules and examples here from the Longman Online Dictionary:

1 [uncountable] especially British English (also accommodations American English)

e.g. Can you arrange some accommodation for me?
✗ Don’t say: Can you arrange an accommodation?

• In American English, accommodation is often used as a plural noun in meaning:
e.g.The price includes meals and accommodations.

Synonyms that you could use for this type of essay:
housing (uncountable), shelter, a roof over your head (idiomatic but good).

Useful Collocations:

  • The council should help families who have no accommodation. look for, seek, find, get, secure, offer (sb), provide (sb with)


It is the duty of the local community to provide accommodation for the homeless.
  • comfortable, decent, good, suitable
  • inadequate, poor, substandard
  • excellent, luxurious |
  • overnight, temporary | permanent | free | private, rented 
  • affordable, cheap, good, low-cost The aim of the scheme was to provide good low-cost housing for workers. 

  • decent, good | adequate | bad, inadequate, poor, substandard Many health problems are made worse by poor housing. 

  • permanent, temporary | council, local authority, public, social Public expenditure on social housing provision has doubled in the last five years. 

  • rented | private | sheltered sheltered housing for old people | high-rise | rural, urban

  • Many new housing developments have sprung up around the city. | construction | provision | market | crisis, shortage |

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