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Friday Feedback Takeaway Tips

Every Friday we learn something new.

This is where I put the quick takeaways from the live Writing Feedback session.


Friday Takeaways'double', 'twice', 'twofold' and 'half'How can you paraphrase the following sentence? The price of oil went from £10 a barrel in 1980 to £20 a barrel in 1990.1. The price of oil doubled between 1980 and 1990. (verb) 2. The price of oil in 1990 was...

run-on sentences

Friday Takeaways'run-on' sentencesWhich of these is WRONG? *hint - focus on punctuation (commas, full-stops, semi-colons and linking words). There was only one shop. This has now been replaced. There was only one shop; this has now been replaced. There was only one...

worth or worthy?

Friday Takeaways'worth' vs 'worthy'Which is correct? 'My IELTS test is tomorrow - should I buy a course?' 1. 'It's not worthy to buy a course'. 2. 'It's not worth buying a course'. 2. is correct. 'It's not worth + ing'  The meaning of 'It's not worth +...