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Fiona's Advent Adventure


‘With the advent of the Internet, information is immediately available through computers and other smart devices’.

‘the advent of something’ = the time when something first began to be widely used e.g. the internet, personal computers, robots, penicillin, air-conditioning, word processors, television, scientific thinking, air travel for all etc etc.

Synonym: the coming of

Pronunciation: /ˈædvent/


  • ‘With the advent of ______, + subject + verb + object (as above).
  • ‘The advent of ______ + verb + object’.

The advent of the Internet has raised many concerns regarding people’s ability to retain information.

Also: Since the advent of cheap air travel, many beauty spots have been ruined by mass tourism.

Bonus: Notice how this allows. you to use the Present Perfect Tense.

  • Advent (capital ‘A’) = the period of four weeks before Christmas

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