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Albeit is a linking word that means ‘although’ but the grammar is NOT the same.


  • Although we can’t meet face to face, we can still chat with friends.
  • We can still chat with friends, albeit virtually.

Albeit can NOT be used to introduce an independent clause.

Albeit is used in specific circumstances, to reduce the importance or power of what you have just said, or to contradict/qualify what you just said. Very often it makes something that seemed positive now seem a little less positive!

Notice: ‘We can still chat’ is positive and optimistic, but ‘albeit’ suggests that chatting ‘virtually’ is not quite as good as face to face.

Check out lots of examples here (The SKELL website is similar to It gives more examples and is often more useful than!)

I’ve picked out a few useful ones (notice how they are followed by adverbs or adjective + noun combinations):

  • Things are getting back to normal, albeit slowly.
  • He still performs live, albeit less regularly these days.
  • My son did some revision, albeit reluctantly.
  • The essay is fairly competent, albeit basic.
  • There have been some changes, albeit small ones.

Magoosh points out that this is a very formal, old-fashioned word that has started to make a comeback (come back into fashion).

 I’ve heard the examples above about Zoom so many times (‘albeit virtually’) over the last year.

In Task 1 you could use it like this:

  • Numbers increased, albeit very slowly.
  • There was an increase, albeit a slow one. gives very formal examples – useful for Reading:

  • Just why the ship and its eight-man crew never returned is a mystery, albeit one that scientists may be closer to resolving.
  • Topshop is another brand that’s part of this small, future-facing group of retailers, albeit at a different part of the spectrum.

Pronunciation: | ˌɔːlˈbiːɪt | ‘all-be-it’

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