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‘Although this development has brought real benefits, some are concerned about its impact on learning.‘.

Meaning 1: advantage


Whenever you talk about the benefits or drawbacks (advantages/disadvantages), try to add an adjective. It makes you sound more authoritative, and makes your language more precise.


  • considerable, enormous, great, major, real, substantial e.g. This [policy] could bring real benefits for [teachers].
  • additional e.g. This [system] has many additional benefits.
  • mutual e.g.The different [environmental ]groups could work together to their mutual benefit.
  • potential 
  • long-term, short-term
  • economic, environmental, financial, health, social 


  • This option would be to everyone’s benefit.
  • This option would be of benefit to everyone.
  • People managed to survive without the benefit of modern technology.

‘Benefit’ as a verb

  • These [laws] will clearly benefit those earning the most money.

Meaning 2: money (from the government)

e.g. ‘One way to cut spending is to reduce/restrict unemployment and welfare benefits.

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