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Friday Feedback Learning Points

‘I blame the government for the crisis.’

‘blame’ is a useful word to use in essays that ask you to say who you think is responsible for a problem.

Here are some options:

1) I blame the government FOR the problem.

2) I blame the problem ON the government.

3) The government is TO BLAME FOR the problem.

4) [Farmers] often LAY THE BLAME FOR their problems ON government policies.

5) People often PUT THE BLAME ON the parents.

6) The government is not TO BLAME for their problems.

7) I BLAME the parents.

8) Parents always GET THE BLAME FOR their children’s behaviour.

9) The blame LIES with the government.

Learn to use ‘the main culprit’ as a synonym:

The main culprit (thing/person to blame) seems to be modern farming techniques’.



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