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Fiona's Advent Adventure


‘Having information at our fingertips is convenient, but serious consideration needs to be given to the way in which this is affecting academic achievement.

Uncountable Noun, Formal

Meaning: careful thought and attention


Adjectives: [Set 1, with uncountable noun]

  • serious
  • careful
  • further
  • adequateduepropersufficient 


This argument deserves further consideration.

Both options require adequate consideration of the costs.

Adjectives: [Set 2, with countable noun]

  • economicenvironmentalethicalfinancialpoliticalpractical
  • importantkeymainmajorprimary

[‘Consideration’ is usually countable in these combinations]

For women with dependent children thinking about going out to work, the cost of childcare is a major consideration.

[The cost of childcare] is an important consideration when [returning to work].

There are several important [safety, financial, ethical] considerations that must be taken into account.


to take something into consideration

e.g. The [cost] of such a project needs to be taken into consideration.

Your Task – Complete this sentence

The example sentence ticks all the boxes for academic language:

✅ Noun/ing form at the start

✅ less common expression (at our fingertips)

✅ formal adjective (convenient)

✅ critical analysis/concession (but…)

✅ adjective + noun collocation (serious consideration)

✅ authoritative opinion/voice (needs to)

✅ passive (to be given)

✅ complex linker (the way in which)

✅ serious thought (academic achievement)

Can you make a similar sentence?

[noun/ing form] is [adjective], but serious consideration needs to be given to ____________________’.

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