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Common errors with countable and uncountable nouns

Check out Writing Lesson 20 (articles and quantifiers) for a full overview of Countable and Uncountable Nouns.

Here are the most common mistakes/misunderstandings I see in IELTS Writing/Speaking:

1. Using ‘a/an’ before uncountable nouns e.g. an accommodation, a teamwork

2. Adding ‘s’ to uncountable nouns e.g. ‘researches‘ ‘works

3. Forgetting to add ‘s’ to the verb e.g. ‘Public transport needS to be subsidised’.

Uncountable nouns for IELTS


  • studies, researchers
  • houses, flats, hotels
  • words, slang words
  • a piece of advice
  • tools, gadgets, devices
  • news stories, news events
  • bags, suitcases, backpacks
  • cars, buses, bikes, vehicles
  • journeys, trips, excursions
  • flowers, plants, animals
  • emissions
  • holidays, days off



  • research
  • accommodation
  • vocabulary, slang
  • advice
  • equipment
  • news (I have news for you!)
  • luggage
  • transport
  • travel
  • nature, wildlife
  • pollution
  • leave


Common mistakes

(GT Letter) I am writing to request more leaves.*

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