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‘Educating young people by no means guarantees that they will stop committing offences’.

Meaning: to make it certain that something will happen.

  • This expression is useful because it shows you are thinking critically about problems and solutions.
  • By recognising that a problem is complicated and not easy to solve, you are showing sophisticated thoughts.
  • It shows awareness of the ‘bigger picture’ and that however much we try, we cannot guarantee success.


Verb form (Active)

In movies, talent by no means guarantees success.

Verb form (Passive)

This latest incident is guaranteed to make the situation worse.

Noun form

There is no guarantee that this strategy will work.

Similar expression

‘this does not necessarily mean that…’


‘If we suddenly stop burning fossil fuels, this does not necessarily mean that we will reverse global warming’.


Read the examples below, and follow the structures to make your own examples:

Banning plastic does not guarantee a cleaner ocean; the damage has already been done.

It is not guaranteed that changes in the law will lead to changes in the workplace; it takes a long time to eradicated old-fashioned attitudes.

If civilization collapsed, it is not guaranteed that the world would recover, so it could affect many future generations.

There is no guarantee that investing in education will produce law-abiding citizens.


‘Guarantee’ is commonly mispronounced.

Remember that the ‘u’ is silent, so the correct pronunciation is: ga-ran-‘tee | ˌɡærənˈtiː |

Listen to how it sounds here on YouGlish.


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