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Fiona's Advent Adventure


While some people use the challenges of their lives to justify their actions, we should take steps to ensure that every citizen respects the society that they belong to’.

Meaning: to give an acceptable explanation for something that other people think is unreasonable.
‘Justify’ is a useful vocabulary item for Task 2 e.g.
  • It is impossible to justify spending so much money on weapons. (Active + ing)
  • No matter what the circumstances, street violence cannot be justified. (Passive)


‘The end justifies the means’ (a saying)

= a desired result is so good/important that any method, even a morally bad one, may be used to achieve it.

e.g. ‘The government believes that the end justifies the means and will do anything to boost the economy.’



  • There is no justification for cruelty.
  • What justification can there be for paying women lower wages?


Make your own examples:

1.  It is impossible to justify [noun or +ing verb]

2. [noun or +ing verb] cannot be justified.

3. There is no justification for [noun or +ing verb]

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